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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bad day = ="

It is my mistakes because i woke up little bit late today. I should woke at least at 9.40 a.m and be at in the class at 10.00 a.m or 10.05 a.m but because i woke up late, so i come little bit late than usual. I come to the class at 10.20 a.m. My lecture kind of mad with those who come late at that particular morning and i'm one of those. She said to the class that if we're late again for the next class, we will get warning letter and will be BAR from final examination. She's really mad this morning and i think this is the first time she was very mad with my class. I don't mind because it is my fault which i have to take the consequences or punishment if i late again. But i felt so sorry for those who came early but STILL being scolded by the lecturer. I am really-really sorry guys. This is the first time i'm so late come to the class and because of me you guys being scold. I've no idea that she will be that mad and her warning make my feet bit shaky. SORRY-SORRY-SORRY. Guest all of us can't be late to her class anymore after this. But what importance now, i want to apologize to my classmates. Please forgive and forget. Thank you.

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