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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The only good things happened

Last weekend, not really last actually.. its just yesterday.. i and my gangs from HS course had to attend to a LEADERSHIP TRAINING which i don't think its achieve the target.. me, myself give high expectation to this programme because i thought i will enjoy and have fun on this programme.. but i was wrong.. this is the stupiest programme i've ever attend.. i don't want to share the ugly part of this programme.. what i want to share is the moment that we had IFTAR together.. it is kind of fun you know.. everybody sit at one place, together to BERBUKA PUASA.. I've enjoy the moment a lot.. and i noticed that, from all this programme, this is the only part that i enjoy myself.. and i have a high confidence that all my friends, all together enjoy this moment.. instead of the other part from this programme that really **** to me.. Anyway.. happy fasting all of you guys.. May ALLAH blessed all of you..

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