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Friday, 19 August 2011

Forgive and Forget


About this "FORGIVE AND FORGET" title... what i want to share is.. today. i participate a program that my society organizes because of some problem that occur which i thought is my fault.. i'm really2 sorry for those who i "attack" without any investigation.. by the way.. its all has end up just a few hour ago.. i fell so relief because i has done my duty which is to apologize to those who i blame before.. i'm so sorry guys.. gonna improve myself.. its common that we do wrong right?? : ) it is very pleasure that i can forgive and forget each of you and your wrongdoing.. together we give and take..

For me.. individually.. i really not used to ask other forgiveness and forgive others faulty easily because i'm kind of heart-rock person, grudge and hot-tempered.. but.. after done such things.. its felt so relief.. like a whole burden that i'm carrying all this time, from this problem occurred... gone.. i feel like a free birdy now.. 

What can i conclude here is that it is not wrong for us, forgive each other.. we should give and takes.. and it is not a shame if we ask a forgiveness from others person (especially that we done wrong to them ) because we did the right things.. IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?? IF WE DID NOT START UP FIRST, THEN WHO?? Its fair enough for us to forgive and ask for other forgiveness because others might hurt with us and we didn't noticed it as we hurt by others without they noticed it.. 

Those who have read this blog, why don't you try it now.. called, text or meet someone that you do wrong things to that person much.. ask for their forgiveness sincerely.. admitted your wrong doing.. don't wait until raya to do such things because forgiveness have no time limitation.. and try to forgive those who had really done such bad things to you.. try..try.. and try.. i know its hard.. but its not lost even if tried.. you will feel much better after that.. trust me.. this is my word.. but make sure you forgive the person sincerely without any single things left.. 

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